Thursday, September 3, 2009



 Our mission is to create the largest network across the west Bengal. The core idea is to develop a podium that would enable Government, Private and Social organizations to assimilate their social and commercial goals for the advantage of the rural population in the furthest areas of the West Bengal through a blend of IT and non-IT services. In other words, Sao infocom’s mission is to roll out one of the largest digital networks. Customers living in the remotest corners of the West Bengal by bringing efficient financial and humanitarian services and products to all of them.

Sao Infocom’s Visions to achieve its original and primary mission of establishing Franchisee outlet in every thana area of West Bengal. It aims at the highest ideals of integrated service provider and being the first, the most reliable point of delivery of key products and services to the rural citizens. More evidently, Sao infocom aims to be envisioned as the front –end delivery point for Services be it Governmental, Private or Social to the rural and urban citizens of West Bengal, this Customer base, though fundamentally cattered to the requirements rural mass of the West Bengal, would also spread out to include urban citizens. It aims to bridge not only the digital divide but also achieving a narrowing of the “delivery gap” among Government, Commercial and Social Services. Sao infocom believes achieving these targets would create a batter West Bengal and also generate better economic